Reversing Revil Malware – Part 2 - String Obfuscation and Configuration Setup
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This is the second in a series looking at part of the Revil malware. The first post covered a triage and unpacking of the first stage. The post will look at the high-level flow and look in-depth at the configuration embedded in the sample and some options. Revil Process Diagram Looking at the flow diagram (shown above), there is a pretty straightforward flow to the sample. It initially sets itself up by resolving the import table, reading the embedded configuration data, and command-line arguments.

Reversing Revil Malware - Part 1 - Stage 1 Unpacker
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This is the first in a series looking at part of the REvil malware. I will start off by showing a brief triage overview of the sample and then dive into the initial details of the stage 1 unpacker. Let us get into it! Initial Triage The Revil (aka Sodinokibi) malware is ransomware that encrypts files on a victim’s disk and leaves a note to head to a Tor link to send payment to decrypt your files.