ERASERHOOD FOREVER: A David Lynch-themed celebration

ERASERHOOD FOREVER: A David Lynch-themed celebration @ philaMOCA

I went out to see a David Lynch inspired art event at PhilaMOCA, it was a packed out and missed some of the earlier events but got to see the performances of Void Vision and Full Blown Cherry. Along with this a Mural by Evan Cairo was painted on the side of PhilaMOCA!

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ERASERHOOD Mural by Evan Cairo
ERASERHOOD Mural by Evan Cairo
Full Blown Cherry
Void Vision
Void Vision


Full Blown Cherry
Full Blown Cherry


Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race 2012

Back in May I went down to the Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture race, it was another great race! The pace seemed to have picked in comparison to years past. My favorite sculpture was Loose Canon! You can find out more about this event at,

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Loose Cannon


Blipfestival 2012 – Day 3

Blipfestival 2012 – Day 3 @ Gramercy Theater

Day 3 brought another amazing Blipfestival to a close! I had a amazing exhausting 3 days of great music, great visuals and great friends! There were performances by,

Burnkit2600 · NO CARRIER


FlashHeart · enso

Danimal Cannon · CHiKA

Monodeer · Batsly Adams

Infinity Shred · Jean Y. Kim

Dr. Von Pnok · Chromacle

MisfitChris · enso

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Danimal Cannon
Infinity Shred





Blipfestival 2012 – Day 2

Blipfestival 2012 – Day 2 @ Gramercy Theater

: | kREW · mikrosopht & the p.irateship (guest visualist)
Wizwars· Jean Y. Kim
Kris Keyser · enso
Pulselooper · Chromacle
Bit Shifter · Batsly Adams
Graffiti Monsters · NO CARRIER
Radlib · CHiKA

I also took pictures of the Chiptography Book launch party

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Kris Keyser
Graffiti Monsters

Blipfestival 2012 – Day 1

Blipfestival 2012 – Day 1@ Gramercy Theater

I had an awesome first night at blipfestival saw music and visuals from all the following amazing artists, and it was was only day 1!

exileFaker · Batsly Adams

shitbird · enso

Zen Albatross · Chromacle

Chipocrite · CHiKA

minusbaby y Su 8-Hit Combo · mikrosopht & the p.irateship (guest visualist)

Nullsleep · NO CARRIER

Kodek · Jean Y. Kim

George & Jonathan

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Zen Albatross
The crowd during Chipocrite
George and Jonathan


8static 29 – May 19 2012

8static 29
May 19th, 2012


Minusbaby (NYC) (with a surprise appearance with an0va and Chipocrite)
Bubblegum Octopus(NJ)
Chip’s Challenge (NY)

Pre Show

This month’s workshop features Marjorie Becker, also known as Chiptography! She’ll be giving a presentation about her years experience documenting chip music performances as the Blip Festival’s unofficial photographer. She’ll also have copies of her first photography book, Blip Festival | New York City | Five Years available for pre-order!

More info about the Event at

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Chip's Challenge
Bubblegum Octopus


minusbaby with an0va and Chipocrite

Philadelphia photowalk March 2012

I had just purchased my new Canon 5dmkII and wanted to give it a good work out. So I want on a walk on a lovely day to take pictures around Philadelphia. It was St. Patricks Day there was some shenanigans around town with people celebrating the holiday.

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City Hall
City Hall

8static 28 – April 14 2012

8static 28
April 14th, 2012
at PhilaMOCA

Disassembler (NJ)

Visualicious (NYC)

Pre Show:
Odd time signatures in trackers with Dino Lionetti of Cheap Dinosaurs!

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