tmux Notes


Create session
tmux new -s <name>
Ctrl-b d
Show sessions
tmux ls
Attach to session
tmux attach -t 0
Rename session
tmux rename-session -t <session number or name> <session number or name>
Kill session
tmux kill-session -t <session number or name>


REname Current session
Ctrl-b $
List windows and Sessions
Ctrl-b w


Create Window
Ctrl-b c
Switch to next window
Ctrl-b n
Switch to previous window
Ctrl-b p
Switch to specific window
Ctrl-b <number>

Rename current window
Ctrl-b ,

Split Screen

Ctrl+b &quot; — split pane horizontally.
Ctrl+b % — split pane vertically.
Ctrl+b arrow key — switch pane.
Hold Ctrl+b, don’t release it and hold one of the arrow keys — resize pane.

:resize-pane -D (Resizes the current pane down)
:resize-pane -U (Resizes the current pane upward)
:resize-pane -L (Resizes the current pane left)
:resize-pane -R (Resizes the current pane right)
:resize-pane -D 10 (Resizes the current pane down by 10 cells)
:resize-pane -U 10 (Resizes the current pane upward by 10 cells)
:resize-pane -L 10 (Resizes the current pane left by 10 cells)
:resize-pane -R 10 (Resizes the current pane right by 10 cells)


Ctrl-b [ – Scroll mode , normal keys work q to leave

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