Presentation: Introduction to (Binary) Reverse Engineering

Below are the slides my presentation at the Maine OWASP chapter meetup on Janurary 23, 2020.

Author: Ben Mason

Technical Architect - Computer Networking - Security - Electronics Hobbyist - Sometimes Photographer - Spaceflight - Cat Enthusiast - HAM KC1GDJ

3 thoughts on “Presentation: Introduction to (Binary) Reverse Engineering”

  1. hey Ben-

    Awesome work on the Digoo dg-hosa reverse engineering. I have this system at a rental property I own and it recently started acting up. I was wondering if you can maybe help me figure out what the issue is with my unit.

    About me: Im an electronic tinkerer my self and can fairly easily navigate my self around a circuit card.


    1. The scope of what I am working on does not really cover repair of devices unfortunately.

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