Blipfestival 2012 – Day 3

Blipfestival 2012 – Day 3 @ Gramercy Theater

Day 3 brought another amazing Blipfestival to a close! I had a amazing exhausting 3 days of great music, great visuals and great friends! There were performances by,

Burnkit2600 · NO CARRIER


FlashHeart · enso

Danimal Cannon · CHiKA

Monodeer · Batsly Adams

Infinity Shred · Jean Y. Kim

Dr. Von Pnok · Chromacle

MisfitChris · enso

Full Blipfestival Flickr set at,

Danimal Cannon
Infinity Shred





Blipfestival 2012 – Day 2

Blipfestival 2012 – Day 2 @ Gramercy Theater

: | kREW · mikrosopht & the p.irateship (guest visualist)
Wizwars· Jean Y. Kim
Kris Keyser · enso
Pulselooper · Chromacle
Bit Shifter · Batsly Adams
Graffiti Monsters · NO CARRIER
Radlib · CHiKA

I also took pictures of the Chiptography Book launch party

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Kris Keyser
Graffiti Monsters

Blipfestival 2012 – Day 1

Blipfestival 2012 – Day 1@ Gramercy Theater

I had an awesome first night at blipfestival saw music and visuals from all the following amazing artists, and it was was only day 1!

exileFaker · Batsly Adams

shitbird · enso

Zen Albatross · Chromacle

Chipocrite · CHiKA

minusbaby y Su 8-Hit Combo · mikrosopht & the p.irateship (guest visualist)

Nullsleep · NO CARRIER

Kodek · Jean Y. Kim

George & Jonathan

My full (~90 image!) Flickr Set is at,

Zen Albatross
The crowd during Chipocrite
George and Jonathan


8static 29 – May 19 2012

8static 29
May 19th, 2012


Minusbaby (NYC) (with a surprise appearance with an0va and Chipocrite)
Bubblegum Octopus(NJ)
Chip’s Challenge (NY)

Pre Show

This month’s workshop features Marjorie Becker, also known as Chiptography! She’ll be giving a presentation about her years experience documenting chip music performances as the Blip Festival’s unofficial photographer. She’ll also have copies of her first photography book, Blip Festival | New York City | Five Years available for pre-order!

More info about the Event at

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Chip's Challenge
Bubblegum Octopus


minusbaby with an0va and Chipocrite

Philadelphia photowalk March 2012

I had just purchased my new Canon 5dmkII and wanted to give it a good work out. So I want on a walk on a lovely day to take pictures around Philadelphia. It was St. Patricks Day there was some shenanigans around town with people celebrating the holiday.

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City Hall
City Hall